Friday, February 10, 2017

I recently suffered a loss of many years of original photo files in a multiple drive failure. 2 backups and the original. A freak event, but I have now set about revisiting some places I photographed many years ago. Back to Puerto Rico for a week, to El Yunque in the east and across the island to Rincon in the west.

It is strange to revisit the site of a photo I have used often enough to have it etched in my brain. Pristine doors now covered in grafiti, old nuclear reactors with a fresh coat of paint, and a real rain forest right here in the USA - it's a national park.

A selection from this last trip follows.

black madonna and child

San German

San German

El yunque

el yunque

El yunque

El yunque

Nuclear Reactor, Rincon

Rincon sunrise

Rincon eve

Rincon morn

abandoned sugar factory

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ash Bar Top at the new Shea Theater

I designed and worked on the remodel of the Shea Theater in Turners Falls. I did lighting, art, Bar, and tables, and a woven drop ceiling. This blog covers  the bartop construction and tables that went with it. These are mostly taken in my Buckland shop. The project took place late 2015 through early 2016.

Thalo dye on end grain red oak

rought red oak section

Underside of bar section in Ash

two sections

printed full size patterns were used for very tight fitting built in bar sections

black stain on shaped underside of tables

fitting legs to tables

Max cutting oak sections for latter use

Front of Shea Theater with metalic paints

sanding the edges by hand to 220 grit

Jay Healy sawing Ash at Hall Tavern Farm

Acadia Once Again

My most recent series of collages are a continuation of one of my longest running series. The Acadia inspired pieces are the result of more than 10 years of visiting the park. In this corner of our country Acadia National Park is really it, as far as I am concerned. Fall, winter, summer, it has much to offer and revisit.

Not all imagery is from Acadia, Oregonian fields, Buckland Pumpkins, Ashfield leaf

Seaweed and Lichen featured here

Feathers, roots, butterfly wings, a leather vest, trees and a stone staircase 1000 ft high.

perfect fall timing in late October near 3 different parts of the park.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Wandering around Boston

One of my clients canceled a shoot at the last minute due to incomplete samples... so I ended up on my own, in Boston with camera in hand...The start of a new series perhaps? Hoping to return soon...



Monday, December 2, 2013

Repurposing Older Work

Baystate's Cancer Care Center was moving departments so an installation that I had done years prior needed to come down. These pieces were made to be built in so they had to be torn out, thankfully with their frames pretty much intact.

As they were, they seemed heavy, in color and in weight. So I cut the panels apart because I did not like how the canvas started behaving on the crease of the accordion fold. With an inch or so image gone between panels, I ended up with a picket fence kind of look. This was mostly a woodworking project. I had to figure out how to make exact cuts for the frame zig-zag, while keeping the whole thing as light as possible in feel, yet strong enough to stand up to the never ending stream of people coming through and touching out of curiosity.


These panels won't ever hang perfectly flat without their containing frame and I had to come to peace with that and also with the loose alignment and fabric feel. However, I am pleased that the hospital staff valued the work enough to suggest that we take the time and effort to repurpose it. This is infinitely better than letting it go, which happens so often. Now it will join other pieces of mine in the D'Ario Cancer Center, on the Springfield Baystate campus as well.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random Stuff

...........Just thought I would throw some images at you from the last few months with short explanations as to what they are. There is a minimum of photoshop manipulation in most of these. Some are right out of Lightroom. Things have been very disjointed this year and this imagery seems to reflect that, I guess. None of this material is for a client; shooting for myself here. If you want to see more on any of these sets please let me know.   pk

Bouldering in Acadia National Park, over, under, around and in between.
The grass up towards the top of the photo gives you a sense of scale.

I have been working on repairing my buildings outside.
One evening these two moths settled in very nicely right where I was doing some carpentry.
Not very shy!

While we were staying at some friends apartment in midtown New York,
I found this view around the corner from their balcony.
Holding the camera around the corner against the wall, I managed to get this shot.
This seemed to be a very New York scene with the Empire State and such a typical roofscape.

Here I was shooting outdoors with plants sandwiched between two sheets of plastic to flatten them. 
This allowed me to keep everything in focus.
There are some reflections off the plastic, but I found it worked well enough. 
These were shot as collage material.

Kristin is the model, Tracey helped with this shoot. Lots of props, and Dianne's lace.
The antlers (projected slide) were borrowed from a neighbor hunter.
Things finally started to get interesting many hours into a marathon shoot.

When the kids were small we made some blocks for them (for me?).
I got them out, cleaned them up, and did some building on a draped black cloth. 
They were lit by all the flashlights I could find in the house and studio.