Monday, January 31, 2011

Corporate Art: At The Foundry

I recently got the chance to photograph at the Tharpe Robbins plant in Attleboro MA, A company that produces among other things medals and plaques. A company whose mission is all about recognition.What fascinated me the most was the foundry. This foundry has been in operation, I believe, for over 120 years. Lots of old wooden drawers, master carvings and castings. They do everything from class rings to airline wings and medals that commemorate flights to the International Space Station. I'm honored to have been commissioned to photograph here by Gridiron and JSO Art Associates. Janet Schwartz O'Leary, an art consultant based out of Ct, and I have been working on a series that represents the companies of GridIron. As a result, some of these shots will end up in two collages for GridIron's corporate office space. Thanks to everyone at Tharpe Robbins and especially to Joe for a wonderful tour of the foundry



  1. Looks very interesting, bet is was fun :-)

    Patrick kitchell

  2. Hi Peter, I love these photos. My brother Jon and I could spend many hours looking through all of those enticing drawers. so much history in this world of medals and wings.

    Cousin Jane