Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random Stuff

...........Just thought I would throw some images at you from the last few months with short explanations as to what they are. There is a minimum of photoshop manipulation in most of these. Some are right out of Lightroom. Things have been very disjointed this year and this imagery seems to reflect that, I guess. None of this material is for a client; shooting for myself here. If you want to see more on any of these sets please let me know.   pk

Bouldering in Acadia National Park, over, under, around and in between.
The grass up towards the top of the photo gives you a sense of scale.

I have been working on repairing my buildings outside.
One evening these two moths settled in very nicely right where I was doing some carpentry.
Not very shy!

While we were staying at some friends apartment in midtown New York,
I found this view around the corner from their balcony.
Holding the camera around the corner against the wall, I managed to get this shot.
This seemed to be a very New York scene with the Empire State and such a typical roofscape.

Here I was shooting outdoors with plants sandwiched between two sheets of plastic to flatten them. 
This allowed me to keep everything in focus.
There are some reflections off the plastic, but I found it worked well enough. 
These were shot as collage material.

Kristin is the model, Tracey helped with this shoot. Lots of props, and Dianne's lace.
The antlers (projected slide) were borrowed from a neighbor hunter.
Things finally started to get interesting many hours into a marathon shoot.

When the kids were small we made some blocks for them (for me?).
I got them out, cleaned them up, and did some building on a draped black cloth. 
They were lit by all the flashlights I could find in the house and studio.

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