Friday, February 10, 2017

I recently suffered a loss of many years of original photo files in a multiple drive failure. 2 backups and the original. A freak event, but I have now set about revisiting some places I photographed many years ago. Back to Puerto Rico for a week, to El Yunque in the east and across the island to Rincon in the west.

It is strange to revisit the site of a photo I have used often enough to have it etched in my brain. Pristine doors now covered in grafiti, old nuclear reactors with a fresh coat of paint, and a real rain forest right here in the USA - it's a national park.

A selection from this last trip follows.

black madonna and child

San German

San German

El yunque

el yunque

El yunque

El yunque

Nuclear Reactor, Rincon

Rincon sunrise

Rincon eve

Rincon morn

abandoned sugar factory

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