Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Corporate Art: Baystate Hospital's New Wing- Hospital of the Future

The daffodils are blooming here and some projects are finalizing while other are starting...I have been working over the last year on a project for Baystate Medical Center's new wing in Springfield MA. and it's finally coming towards completion! This project has been unique for me as many of my source images for my collages have been converted onto etched glass to create more of a decorative feeling within the architecture of the hospital. I had the pleasure of not only working with Deb Avery and Carla Santia, the design team for Baystate but also with artist Suzanne Tick and Raquel Barrios of Suzanne Tick Inc. who designed the glass panels. It was a project intended to transcend current thinking of what is appropriate art when renovating Health Facilities.Using locally derived nature imagery in new ways can be challenging as we did not want to use similar imagery of what has been used in other nearby hospitals. Here are a few source images for the glass panels before etching and then some of the installation shots after... Can you see some of the original photos in the etched glass?