Monday, September 17, 2012

Back from my travels!

roadside attraction
not some shitty little piece of cement block and plastic
the absence of that for sure
holy light, open space
a reason to pull over
a reason to turn around and go back
taking a side road solely because the weather looks interesting in that direction
working the eternal fence line into the composition
wires too, why not?
now I can climb up on top of my van for a better perspective
hold on as the semi's roll by
always a herd of them in convoy
dodging rumble lines on the shoulder
pulling a "U" on the highway

I'm not a dawn photographer
get going late
smoke from fires burning thousands of acres has flattened the midday light
almost no contrast
just some slight variations in the mid tone range
good images in there somewhere
when I cross a just harvested field for a different view 
not roadside
I notice that there is no soil beneath the wheat stalks
just rocks and sand
later some huge woman tells me that this is considered desert
no shit! no literally. That's what makes soil
tilling desert, are we insane?

what I like is interesting weather
winds that blow my van all over the road
they bring in storm cells spreading far across the prairie
watching the sky
out of a road weary stupor
I'm brought back to life by her quickly changed mood
another still, silver, washed out day 
my god! it's Sunday
I'll sleep in till 8:30
campsites now bare
everyone else is on the road
edging towards tourist infected areas today
out of the car 
take a picture
back into the car
how am I different?
reassured, my camera is bigger

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